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DAS Capital Ltd. (DAS Capital) is an investment fund, belonged to DAS Capital Group,
which is established in 2010 in Toronto, Canada.

With offices in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, we offers portfolio management
services to foundations, corporations, and individuals. We are dedicated to capitalizing on attractive investment opportunities across all markets, including equities, debt, derivative instruments, currencies, and commodities.

By investing in blue chip company shares and  exchange traded options, we aims to provide high levels of income paid monthly together with lower volatility than other equity funds DAS Capital leverage proprietary technical analysis focused on directional market forces to control volatility and historically provide investors with positive risk adjusted returns that outperform both the S&P index and the HFN Aggregate Index.

DAS Capital currently manages and advises on more than $500 million in assets, providing risk-controlled, enhanced returns to institutional clients and high net worth accredited investors seeking enhanced returns while aiming to diversify their portfolio.



Total assets under management making DAS Capital one of the largest asset manager.


Wide network of business contact including investee companies and invested projects all over the world.


Senior management team has investment experience in South America, Asia, Europe, etc.


Year of investment experience in developed countries across multiple asset classes.

  1. Flexible business models - Investment portfolios will be evaluated and shifted periodically as required to respond to changing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities to maximize risk-adjusted return.
  2. Approach market growth - Our holdings with well positioned to capture growth throughproduct extensions, new products, and new geographic markets.
  3. Strong market positions - Our holdings with leading market positions as this enhances pricing power and creates foundation for sustainable profitability.
  4. Sustainability - Managing operations in a stable, responsible and ethical way is a prerequisite for long-term attractive profitability and outperforming competition over time.
  5. Strong cash flow – The strong cash flow situation ensures for the liquidity


We invest in companies, also industries (real estate, energy, telecommunication, construction, consumer goods, etc.) which we understand well, and in which we can utilize our experience and network as well as our financial expertise. DAS Capital’s investments take the form of expansion capital, buy-outs of foreign-invested enterprises, and delisting public companies. Private placements into equitizing state-owned enterprises are also considered private equity investments.


Base on the market capitalization, we invest in companies which are potential but unhealthy status, as well as in high-quality companies with flexible and sustainable business models, high exposure to growth markets, and strong cash flow generation. Given this, we do not refrain from taking actions with a negative short-term impact, as long as we believe that they will increase the intrinsic longer-term value.



DAS Capital seeks to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation in response to changes in the operating environment, identify great businesses that are not valued as such and build high conviction portfolios with a capital preservation focus. 

In long-term, the portfolio is allocated 50% to 100% of assets into listed equities and over-the-counter securities in order to maximize risk-adjusted returns, many of these investments are privately negotiated placements, Hybrid Investment, Join Venture, Custom .Made Tailored Investment.

The portfolio assets will
generally include stocks
and bonds, and may include
other assets allowed by
regulations which either
have a capitalization or net
asset value in excess of $2
million and not more than
$250 million during
investment period time.


Depending on market fluctuations as well as macro-economic analysis, the fund’s asset allocation may differ temporarily. The manager will take this action in order to adapt appropriately to market conditions and protect returns, which is based on the following principles:


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